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French guitarist, composer and visual artist, I have been living in Paris, Rome, Seville, Barcelona and currently in Madrid. Inspired by people I meet, places around me, travels & coffee which give rhythm to my days, I nurture my music and creations with colors, energy and optimism, building my own artistic world and looking forward to sharing it with you.
Watch out, it splashes !

Arielle Krebs Guitarist Guitariste Guitarrista


It's with the guitar that I took my first step into the artistic world. It is my first passion and being able to share it with people as both a concert artist and a teacher is an everyday joy. 

In 2022, I published my first guitar album Mosaic gathering ten of my own compositions for guitar and guitar duo in collaboration with Francesco De Grazia.


As part of the Duo Aryaga – a classical guitar duo I created with the guitarist Agathe Moreau  I enjoy the excitement of being on stage sharing our artistic performances and projects with the audience.

In addition to my career as a musician, I'm driven by the desire of conveying my passion through teaching.

Currently giving guitar lessons online and in Madrid I count with almost ten years of experience and dozens of students,  in music schools or privately.

I started my musical education at the Conservatory of Metz, France my hometown, and then I decided to continue my studies abroad at the Higher Conservatories of Seville, Rome and Barcelona, obtaining my Master's degree in 2018. 


Meanwhile, I have been improving my practice and knowledge with world-class musicians such as James Szura, Christophe Pratiffi, Francisco Bernier, Arturo Tallini, Francisco Cantón, Guillem Pérez-Quer, Zoran Dukic, Lorenzo Micheli, Judicaël Perroy, Marco Socías, Roberto Aussel, Dusan Bogdanovic among others.



Arielle Krebs composer compositrice compositora



Composing music is one way to express the creative side of my personality.

In 2023, I started producing song for artists/songwriters.

Since 2022, I compose music for brands like French clothing brand Emile & Ida and Italian food brand William Di Carlo.

Since 2015, I have been composing pieces for professional instrumental ensembles (e.g. Jacinthe for orchestra, Café Solo or Cuando tus ojos beben cerveza for guitar, video and live electronics) and also pieces for visual contents.

I started music composition with amazing composers and teachers I met during my studies: Alberto Carretero in Seville, Michelangelo Lupone in Rome and Eric Tanguy in Paris. They really are a source of inspiration and encourage me to pursue my path in this media of expression.

Arielel Krebs Visual artist photographer


In addition to my passion for music, I have always been attracted by visual arts which I explore through photography and video art.

Self-taught creator, I build my own universe and visual identity taking inspiration from daily life scenes.


Trips, concerts, poetry, music, coffee,  and people enrich my mind and my work. portrait works is one of my favorite topics of photography.

Having accumulated all these photos of places and people that I love, I started cutting them, associating them and creating collages thus giving them a new, more personal face.

What about combining these arts ? 

When it comes to creating, it seems evident to me to merge visual art with music and especially video with music. Increasing the emotional power of one art by mixing it with the other constitutes an important chapter of my work and defines the direction I will follow in my artistic journey.

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